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You must reside in Jackson & George Counties: Call to determine what documentation you should bring and to schedule an appointment (*Below is a list of some documents we may require).  *Written prescription or refill, doctor's written order or appointment information required.

Below are acceptable forms of documentation for id/income/expenses: (Any questions, please call)

  • Driver’s License, Social Security Card, or Birth Certificate

  • Wage statement

  • Social Security Benefits

  • Unemployment Benefits

  • Food Stamps

  • Child Support

  • Other misc. income

  • Rent or Mortgage Payment

  • Utility Bills: Electric, Gas, Water, Telephone, Cable

  • Automobile or other loans

  • Insurance - auto, life, burial

  • Medical Bills paid

  • *If you have no income or expenses, you must bring a LETTER OF SUPPORT from family member or friend detailing assistance provided. It must include name, signature, date, address and phone number for verification.

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