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Current Goals:

We would like you to meet some of our clients and get to know their needs. Please feel free to contribute to their life-saving care by making a donation. *Names and/or likenesses have been changed due to HIPAA and our concern and compassion for their dignity.

Jeannie gained unexpected custody of her granddaughter. The child's Medicaid has not yet transferred to our state. She needs help purchasing the child's medicine on her fixed income pending Medicaid. Will you give to help Jeannie today? 

Wesley is struggling with mental health issues. The one person who helped him navigate life passed away. He lacks education and a means of employment. There is no cure but medication will help as will our case management services such as referrals to housing, food stamps and more. Will you give to help Wesley today?

Ms. Donna was a stay at home mom. Her husband passed recently. She is not old enough to qualify for Medicare and makes just a little too much for Medicaid. She was recently diagnosed with COPD and heart issues. Those medications are a necessity to live. Will you help Donna by giving today?

William was cruising right along in life. Things were great. He had a great job, bought a house and then disaster. Williams employer closed abruptly. He was given no warning. No time to prepare. To make matters worse, he ended up in the ER diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The medication is about $600.00 per month for him until he can get into other long term programs or find a job with insurance. Will you give William the gift of life today?

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