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No or Low Income?

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  • Prescription Assistance              

  • Assistance purchasing misc. medical Supplies and small medical appliances

  • Assistance with medical related travel (area specific)

  • Free shred service for sensitive documents

  • Free Wellness incentive program and diabetes literature

  • Assistance applying for government phones, Medicaid, food stamps, housing and more

  • Community outreach

  • Referrals to other programs

  • *Needs are assessed and provided on a case by case basis. Our agency reserves the right to deny or discontinue service at any time based on program compliance or lack thereof, fraud, misprepresentation of finances or need, failure to qualify based on assessment, lack of agency resources or funding, or any behavior deemed abusive or violent (verbal or physical) by a client or potential client. Please note our services may expand or diminish as funding is available.